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Sign In

After OneRead mobile app has been installed and invoked, Sign In screen appears. You will be required to enter the following information to login:
Email and Password: Enter the email and password combination you used at the time of Sign Up.
Social media plugins: You can also Sign In using your social media credentials for Facebook or Google+.

Sign Up

If you are a first time user you can simply go to Sign Up option provided on Sign In page. You will be required to enter the following information:
Email and Password: Enter your valid email address and password.
Social media plugins: You can also Sign Up using your social media credentials for Facebook or Google+.

Forgot password

If you forget your password, you can input the email address that you used when you signed up your OneRead account. We will send you an email that will allow you to reset your password.

Home Page

Home page displays a list of all of your OneRead reading materials. It serves as a personal bookshelf, as well as a starting point to access other OneRead mobile app features.

To display Home page, press Home button on your menu pane. By default, Home page lists all of the items that you have on your OneRead. They are: Best Seller books, New Arrival and Most Popular. You can also navigate menu pane, Search catalogue and Cart from the Home page.


You can access several OneRead mobile app functions on menu page. Tap menu icon to view these option:

  • Home
  • Setting
  • Profile image
  • Sync
  • Search
  • My Library
  • My Collection
  • My Wishlist
  • Store
  • Feedback
  • About us
  • FAQ
  • Analytics
  • Order
Product description page

The product detail page of OneRead mobile app provides the most pertinent information like book name, author name, publisher name, old price and new price. For user convenience Add to Cartoption and Buy Now option are provided on the same page. You can also view description about the book, reviews, more books by author.


Use OneRead mobile app Settings page to Deregister Your Device, manage your Notification, personalize your Reader Settings, edit your Profile Settings and to select Genre Preferences.

My Cart

On My Cart page user shall be able to view details of the book added to Cart for purchase. Select My Cart tab to view price detail of the book or books added to Cart. You can also remove books directly from Cart or can move them to Wishlist.

My Library

My Library function is provided in OneRead which will help user to manage eBooks. My Library holds eBooks purchased from eStore. You can filter eBook in My Library according to your preferences using filter option

Cover Image

When you start reading a book on OneRead the first page which appears is the full size cover image of that book. You can use Go to option to access your preferred page by tapping the page number on footer of the cover image.


OneRead mobile app retains the best qualities of ebooks, but adds many features that are available only through digital technologies such as Word Lookup, Changeable Text Size, Read Aloud, Annotations, and Sharing.


As you’re reading on your OneRead mobile app, you may want to Highlight or Underline text to refer to later or add your own notes to a particular passage. The touchscreen makes it particularly convenient for you to make these marks, or annotations.

Highlights shade a section of text to draw attention to it. In OneRead, you can highlight text in different colors to distinguish them.

Notes are the text you type, much like when you jot notes in the margins of a printed book.

Underline allows you to mark underline your favorite lines on ebook.

Change Screen brightness

To offer a fantastic displays and reading experience whether you’re reading in the day or night.

InOneRead you get an option to adjust screen brightness by using slider or by turning ON Adaptive Light.


OneRead gives you the option to focus your search to the built-in dictionary, the OneRead eStore, Wikipedia, Google, and the web. There are four type of Search available in OneRead. If you select Search from the Home page, the screen will display a full search page. Search option is also available for My Library. You can limit a search to only what you are currently reading.


As you’re reading on your OneRead mobile app, you may want to make a note. Notes are the text you type, much like when you jot notes in the margins of a printed book. In OneRead you can also highlight your notes using colors of your choice

Reader setting

You can use Reader Setting page enable/disable Curl for pages, Resume, Volume button control, Spread view and Reference default. You can also choose orientation for book pages to enhance your reading experience

View Annotation

To view Highlights, Notes, Underlines and Bookmarks click the menu icon on the bottom right corner of the reader and select from the options provided on header.